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Tech to the Rescue:  Advisory Board

International Federation of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies: Senior Advisor Digital Engagement


Innovatie Pact Fryslan:  Senior Advisor European Mission Development


International Organization for Migration (UNIOM):  Team Leader Afghan Evacuee Response, 


Community Jameel:  Humanitarian Advisor


Wateroam:  Humanitarian Advisor


MPowerd: Impact Advisor


Connectivity Collective: Founding Member


Blue Delta Coalition: Founding Member


Mercy Corps: Crisis Analytics Global Assessment Coordinator


Alamaya: Senior Humanitarian Advisor


European Commission: EIC Horizon Prize on Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid Judge (click)


Common Humanitarian Standard: Humanitarian Human Resource 2020 Board 


Response Innovation Lab: DIF Uganda Challenge, Judge (click)


Committed to Good (CTG):  Humanitarian Human Resources Advisor 

Potter Dev, Skylife Tech: Senior Advisor for Humanitarian Engagement


Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC): Global Project Manager, Digital Communications

Mark Labs: Humanitarian Advisor


Cloud to Street: Senior Advisor


48 Percent: Senior Advisor


Strategic Advisor


University of Groningen- Cyan Centre on Climate Change Adaptation (Click)

  • Developed and manage the largest digital twin initiative in the Netherlands to create sustainable business, agricultural and community practice in the areas of: 1) Energy, 2) Water, and 3) Agriculture with Luxembourg and Belgium.


Funding Committee Board Member


ELRHA—Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF)

  • Provide strategic advice and insight into innovation funding challenges and initiatives.

Managing Director


Humanity Link

  • Create corporate/humanitarian partnerships and provide strategic advice to private corporations towards their expansion into the humanitarian aid sector.


Chairman of the Board


Sawa World International, Sawa World Foundation Canada

  • Provide all relevant board management activities for a global, youth innovation organization based in Canada, India, South Africa and Uganda


Managing Director


Garrison Institute International

  • Managed the private foundation funding for a number of global initiatives, training and events in 7 countries and successfully transitioned the organization to a blended learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.


East  Africa  Director  of  Humanitarian  Affairs


World Vision International

  • Coordinator for largest children’s food aid initiative in East Africa, assisting over 3 Million people per month in 9 countries.

  • Director of assistance of more than $600M USD (150 distinct projects) of humanitarian aid per year in a number of sectors including child protection, water, sanitation, health, human security and food.


Asia and the Pacific Advisor on Emergency and Post Crisis Programmes


United Nations: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

  • Overall approval and monitoring authority for emergency programming in over 50 countries with more than 100 projects per year varying in size from $250,000 to more than $45Million serving more than 1.5 million people per year.

  • Climate   informed   programming   coordinator   and   lead   for   climate adaptation country level strategy development.


Chief of Mission Timor L’este


United Nations: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

  • Representative in the country on all migration related issues which encompassed 13 projects designed to stem the effects of climate change and climate induced migration from the country.


Ethiopia Senior Operations Officer


United Nations: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

  • Overall lead on 3 large projects addressing the needs of migrants: large scale return ($75M), resettlement to third countries ($15M) and internal processing of migrants and refugees ($10M). With successful  implementation of all three on time and on budget.


Pacific Regional Emergency and Preparedness Officer


United Nations: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

  • Project lead for the Island Blueprint US funded programme ($5M USD) in the Marshall Islands and Micronesia, coordinating the establishment of Emergency Management agencies in all islands States.


Nepal Logistics and Procurement Chief


United Nations: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

  • Coordinated air, ground, and construction operations for the largest refugee resettlement programme in the world of Bhutanese Refugees.


East Africa Commercial Director


748 Air Services (K) Ltd

  • Direct manager of all commercial operations including 12 aircraft for cargo and passenger operations in crisis zones of Sudan, South Sudan CAR, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.


East and Central Africa Regional Operations Officer


United Nations: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

  • Director of refugee escort services to third countries for more than 200,000 refugees and led the establishment of operations in Tanzania for refugee resettlement.


Kenya Country Coordinator


International Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering (ICROSS)

  • Led HIV/AIDS home-based care initiatives for 5000 patients throughout Kenya.


English Instructor


ECA Foreign Language Institute Instructor, South Korea

  • English instructor and translator during the 2002 World Cup in Korea for staff and partner businesses.


Kenya Small Enterprise Advisor


United States Peace Corps

  • Facilitated accounting training and capacity building initiatives for women recipients of livestock on the coast of Kenya.

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