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  • Twilio Signal: Presenter

  • KfW Fragile Contexts and Digitalization Summit: Presenter

  • CHS HHR Conference Presenter: Humanitarian Resilience

  • Net Hope Global Summit Presenter: Connectivity in Humanitarian Settings

  • University of Groningen, visiting lecturer

  • Humanitarian AI:  Presenter:

  • Multiple Videos/Webinars 


  • AIDF (Africa and Asia) Speaker/Presenter

  • World Vision Global Disaster Management Senior Management Team

  • Inter-Agency Working Group and Regional Humanitarian Partnership Team

  • UN/IOM Rotation and Appointments Board Member (appointed)

  • UN/IOM Staff Association Committee Field Representative (elected)

  • UN/IOM Humanitarian Policy Working Group member (appointed)

  • Observer Research Foundation: Displacing Diesel in Humanitarian Settings:

  • WRMS Webinar Series: Predictive Modeling in Humanitarian Settings:

  • Orange Canuck Webseries: The Mouse, Horse and the Applecart:

  • Humanity Hub Magazine:

  • Cash Programming in East Africa:

  • The Liaison. Vol. VII. Winter 2014-15. COE-DMHA, IOM and Humanitarian Data. Author


  • UN/IOM Staff Association Committee Vice Chair, Global Field Rep (elected)

  • UN/IOM International Search and Rescue Group delegate (INSARAG)

  • Mobility is the Key  Author

  • UN/IOM: In the Name of the Father  Author

  • Humanitarian Logistics in Asia and the Pacific (2012 NUS): Co-author

  • Collective Center Guidance Note UN: Contributor

  • Gender Handbook UN: Contributor

  • “Natural Ventilation for Infection Control in Health Care Settings” Annex 4 WHO

  • Sphere Guidelines revision: Contributor



  • 2020 Transformative Innovation Award Winner: Norwegian Refugee Council

  • 2020 Overall Innovation Award Winner: Norwegian Refugee Council

  • 2019 Africa Innovator of the Year Runner Up: Aid and International Development Forum

  • 2018 WFP/Google Innovation Accelerator: Scale funding recipient for the Food ATM

  • 2014 Certificate: International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law—Geneva Academy

  • 2009 Commendation: Director General of the US Foreign Service

  • 2000 Commendation: JTFAfriCom US, Kenya, and Uganda. Trainer

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