2020 NetHope Global Summit:  Presenter:  Connectivity in Humanitarian Settings

2020 HHR 2020: Presenter:  Humanitarian Resilience 

2020 Charity Digital Webcast: Presenter:  Corporate Strategies to Digital Engagement with Humanitarian Organizations

2019 Observer Research Foundation:  Displacing Diesel in Humanitarian Settings:

2019  WRMS Webinar Series:  Predictive Modeling in Humanitarian Settings:

2019 Orange Canuck Webseries:  The Mouse, Horse and the Applecart:  

2018  Humanity Hub Magazine:

2018 Cash Programming in East Africa:

2015 The Liaison. Vol. VII. Winter 2014-15. COE-DMHA, IOM and Humanitarian Data. Author

2014 Mobility is the Key.  Author

2013 IOM. In the Name of the Father. Author

2012 Humanitarian Logistics in Asia and the Pacific (2012 NUS), Humanitarian Logistics in the Pacific. Co-author

2009 Contributor Collective Center Guidance Note UN

2009 Contributor beta testing Gender Handbook UN

2008 Design contributor “Natural Ventilation for Infection Control in Health Care Settings” WHO

2008 Contributor Sphere Guidelines revision




2020 Transformative Innovation Award Winner: Norwegian Refugee Council

2020 Overall Innovation Award Winner: Norwegian Refugee Council

2019 Africa Innovator of the Year Runner Up: Aid and International Development Forum

2018 WFP/Google Innovation Accelerator: Scale funding recipient for the Food ATM

2014 Certificate: International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law—Geneva Academy

2009 Commendation: Director General of the US Foreign Service

2000 Commendation: JTFAfriCom US, Kenya, and Uganda. Trainer




2020: CHS HHR Conference Presenter:  Humanitarian Resilience    

2020: Net Hope Global Summit Presenter: Connectivity in Humanitarian Settings

2016, 2017, 2020: University of Groningen, visiting lecturer

2014, 2015, 2017, 2018: AIDF (Africa and Asia) Speaker/Presenter

2015-2019: World Vision Global Disaster Management Senior Management Team

2015-2019: Inter-Agency Working Group and Regional Humanitarian Partnership Team

2015 IOM: Rotation and Appointments Board Member (appointed)

2014 IOM: Staff Association Committee Field Representative (elected)

2014 IOM: Humanitarian Policy Working Group member (appointed)

2010 IOM: Staff Association Committee Vice Chair, Global Field Representative (elected)

2009 IOM: International Search and Rescue Group delegate (INSARAG) (appointed)



Language—English—Mother Tongue, Swahili—Fluent (ACTFL 4)

Language—French and Russian—conversational 2

Software—MS Office, MS Project, MS Access, Visio

Typing—72 wpm

Boy Scouts of America (Life Scout)


Tae Kwon Do: Red Belt/Black Stripe